EigenLayer Mainnet Launch: Benefits of Early Restaking


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EigenLayer Mainnet is set to launch soon, following the successful completion of the Stage 1 Testnet for restaking functionality. EigenLayer aspires to make a positive impact on the industry by introducing its distinct restaking offering, which enables additional staking opportunities for ETH stakers who opt-in, and helps spur innovation by lowering capital costs for AVSs (actively validated services). In this blog post, we'll share details about the upcoming phased mainnet launch and the benefits of early restaking.

Phased Mainnet Launch:

The EigenLabs team has carefully planned a phased mainnet launch to ensure the highest levels of security and stability for the platform. The process will begin with the mainnet launch for restaking functionality, followed by the testnet for operators in the coming months. After the successful completion of the operator testnet, we will move on to the operator mainnet, followed by the testnet for AVSs, and finally, the AVS mainnet launch by the end of the year.

Restake Interest and Benefits:

As the EigenLayer Mainnet launch draws near, restaking your ETH earlier could be increasingly advantageous. By restaking early, you can ensure your place within the ecosystem and potentially maximize your staking opportunities over time.

Certain services may cap their restake amounts to ensure meaningful participation for their restakers. By restaking early, you'll be better positioned to benefit from these services as they become available on the EigenLayer platform.

Why Restake Early?

  • Secure Your Spot: Early restaking establishes your place in the EigenLayer ecosystem, providing you with an advantage over those who wait to restake.
  • Skip The Withdrawal Queue: Native restakers with a 0x00 prefix can skip the withdrawal queue and point their validators directly to the EigenLayer contracts.
  • Maximize Staking Opportunities: Early restaking allows you to enjoy the earliest possible access to restaking on services that launch on EigenLayer, as some services may cap their initial restake amounts. EigenLabs is currently working with a number of partner projects to develop and launch AVSs, across verticals including hyperscale data availability, fast settlement/finality, decentralized sequencing, and proof of decentralization. While most collaborations are still private, public statements have been made by EigenDA, Hyperlane, Omni, Lagrange, Espresso Systems, and Witness Chain.
  • Access to Premium Services: Early restakers will be in a prime position to access and benefit from exclusive EigenLayer community experiences, as well as curated working groups with EigenLabs and other restakers, operators, and modules.


The upcoming launch of EigenLayer Mainnet marks a significant milestone for the restaking collective. As the phased mainnet launch is fast approaching, it's an ideal time to prepare for restaking your ETH or LST, positioning yourself to benefit from early participation once the mainnet goes live.

If interested in early staking opportunities, please fill out this Indication of Interest form to get in touch with the EigenLabs team.

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