EigenLayer Mainnet: Preparation for launch!

We're thrilled to announce the next chapter in our journey towards a secure and successful EigenLayer mainnet launch! Our primary focus remains a smooth launch that prioritizes both security and performance. To achieve this, we're introducing a multi-phased approach starting now and ongoing for the next several weeks.

This process is designed to support a seamless transition to a thriving EigenLayer mainnet.

Why a Gradual Mainnet Rollout?

Safety and performance are paramount. By meticulously introducing functionalities in measured steps, we can:

Minimize Risk: A gradual rollout allows for rigorous testing and monitoring at each step, minimizing potential risks associated with a full-scale launch.

Optimize Performance: The phased approach enables us to measure and optimize network performance as more users and operators join the ecosystem. This ensures a stable and scalable network for everyone.

The Road to Mainnet

Here’s a breakdown of the exciting phases that will empower key players in the EigenLayer ecosystem. Expect more updates with the timing of each phase. 

1: Final Testnet

Before deploying to mainnet, we are testing all changes on a testnet first. Since the start of the Stage 2 testnet on Goerli, over 6K operators have participated in successful tests through multiple upgraded versions. As the Goerli chain is no longer actively supported by the Ethereum client teams, we are moving the final EigenLayer testnet version to Holesky, which will be operational soon.

2. Webapp & Contract Pause: Initially, the EigenLayer webapp and all contracts on the mainnet will be paused to facilitate a controlled deployment and onboarding of operators onto the network. This temporary halt in deposits and withdrawls will help ensure a smooth transition.

3. Gradual Operator Registration: Operators will have the opportunity to register gradually on the mainnet. This measured approach allows for performance testing and controlled capacity growth, ensuring a stable network. 

4. EigenDA Launch: Witness the power of open innovation with the launch of EigenDA, the first AVS to launch on top of EigenLayer's infrastructure. EigenDA enables hyperscale data availability for rollups, boasting a target write throughput of 10 MB/s at launch. Operators will start to opt in to EigenDA at this stage. 

5. Mainnet Launch Completed: The EigenLayer webapp will be updated to include a new staker dashboard and discovery page for operators. With the completion of this stage, restaker delegations, deposit, and withdrawal functionality will be re-enabled. 

6. The Emergence of the AVS Ecosystem: Following the launch of EigenDA, a vibrant ecosystem of AVSs is poised to flourish on the EigenLayer mainnet. Stay tuned for exciting announcements as more AVS teams bring their innovative solutions to mainnet.

What This Means for You:

This is a significant milestone for the entire EigenLayer ecosystem! We're building a robust and dynamic network for open innovation together.

While the initial focus of Stage 2 is on operators and EigenDA, these phases lay the foundation for expanded future participation. Stay tuned for exciting developments in upcoming stages, including comprehensive developer tools and resources that will unlock the potential for a diverse array of AVSs. Get ready to build and deploy your AVS seamlessly!

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Stay tuned for further details about the launch process and a dedicated channel for questions and feedback.