Announcing EigenLayer Research Fellowship

Update: The EigenLayer Research Fellowship (ERF) structure has been updated on October 25th, 2023, particularly in selection criteria and program dates.

We believe EigenLayer is about to kickstart a new era of secure innovative infrastructure applications that will transform how blockchain applications operate. We’ve been diving deep into these ideas for months, but our creativity can only take us so far.

We want to support you in your fresh perspectives and ideas for Programmable Trust.

What is this program?

The EigenLayer Research Fellowship (ERF) is a playground for building groundbreaking infrastructure concepts. A platform that allows you to explore any ideas as broadly or deeply as you wish. It’s an opportunity to dream big, execute your designs, and have a blast collaborating with the EigenLayer team.

For season 1, our research team has the bandwidth to work with a maximum of 5 fellows. The program is ~2.5 months from December 11th, 2023 - Feb 16th, 2024

The ERF isn’t your typical fellowship; it’s: 

Comprehensive: We’ll challenge you on every front, from crafting the biggest architectural designs to nailing the implementation and finalizing a presentation.

Hands-on: Expect the EigenLayer team to be supporting you throughout the journey. We’re here to be your personal sounding board and help you brainstorm.

FAFO (freestyle around and find out): We’re all about embracing curiosity and encouraging exploration. So, go ahead, play around, and find out where your ideas take you.

And the best part? Upon completion, you get to showcase your project and become an official part of the EigenLayer protocol (more details soonTM).

Fellows can look forward to:

  • Weekly group calls, individual meetings, and consistent research and engineering support from the core EigenLayer Research Team.
  • Monthly demos.
  • Amazing Swags: Eigen Nike Air Force 1s (or equivalent), sweater, tshirt, and hats
  • Round trip flight and stay covered in Istanbul, Devconnect
  • In-person meetups & coworking opportunities in NYC and Seattle

Who is the ideal candidate?

We’re on the lookout for candidates who have the outlined skills below. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert in every category; we’re all about growth, as long as you're willing to put in the work:

Self-motivation and Self-direction: While we’ve got your back, the responsibility for developing and implementing your ideas lies with you. Navigate this complex idea landscape, stay motivated, and conquer whatever challenges come your way.

Strong Tech Foundation: Designing on EigenLayer is a highly technical task. You don’t need a Ph.D., but you should be ready to learn new concepts across a broad tech stack continuously. Foundational knowledge that enables you to dive deep into a specific domain is a must.

Comfortable with Public-facing Work: Your work will be visible in the public domain. So embrace it, share your ideas, remember to accept criticism with humility, and maintain a humble attitude while learning from others. 

Coding Ability: No need to be a coding expert, but you should be able to use code as a tool to communicate with computers and achieve your objectives.

Selection Criteria

We place great importance on selecting our fellows. Although we don’t have a fixed selection criteria, we consider the following areas:

  • Your application and passions.
  • Any previous crypto app or systems design experience you bring.
  • Interest in EigenLayer and love of open innovation.
  • Your authentic self. Be you!

This is a rolling application, however, we will prioritize candidates who fill in the application via before Wednesday, November 1st, 2023. 

Two rounds of interviews will follow this before the final selection is announced.

Structure of the Fellowship

Phase 0: Selection | October - November 2023
We will conduct interviews to identify areas of interest and potential project scope. Candidates that pass the interviews will be invited to our Devconnect Hacker House, and get the chance to meet each other as well as the EigenLayer Research Team. This is optional, however, their stay will be covered alongside a travel stipend if they decide to come.

Phase 1: Ideation | December 2023
Fellows will brainstorm; finally exciting project ideas with the EigenLayer core team after Devconnect and begin the design process.

Phase 2: Build | December - January 2024
Design, build, redesign, and build again. The core team will have your back with hands-on engineering support. 

Phase 3: Present | February 2024
Prepare for a project presentation; finally, the project is revealed amongst a wider group of peers. We may offer further support direct grant funding to teams or individuals as appropriate going forward.

Fellows’ Must-Dos:

  • Create an exceptional one or two-pager about your project.
  • Commit about 10 hours per week for three months.
  • Join us remotely via Telegram and Google Meet or meet in person during Devconnect in Istanbul, and cowork with us in NYC and Seattle if you are around.

Ready for the adventure? We will prioritize candidates who fill in the application via before Friday, October 27th, 2023. 

About EigenLayer:
More information about EigenLayer is available at