Onboarding Rollups to EigenDA

Following the EigenDA mainnet launch announcement on April 9, we are pleased to announce that rollups can now onboard onto EigenDA mainnet for test traffic. We have been working hard in sync with our community of restakers and DA operators to achieve our system performance goals in order to enable the next generation of blockchain applications. Today, we are onboarding the first batch of EigenDA rollup partners to usher in the next era of scalable and cost-effective data availability. 

This is the final stage of testing and hardening before EigenDA onboards production traffic for any rollup. Over the coming days and weeks we will be sharing more about the first set of EigenDA rollup partners, and our plans for general availability. 

Upon general availability, any rollup may use EigenDA with throughput similar to today's in-production L2s for free. This is meant to showcase the advantages of the EigenDA product and be competitive with the EIP-4844 Dencun upgrade. For performance beyond these rates, and to reserve bandwidth in advance, please get in touch with the team.

If you’d like to deploy your rollup with EigenDA, please contact the team via the EigenDA Contact Form. As always, a good place to get started is with the EigenDA documentation and the Holesky testnet.

Onboarding the first rollups onto EigenDA mainnet is the next phase of a multi-stage launch towards the endgame for data availability for the Ethereum ecosystem. Read more at our mainnet launch announcement about new use cases enabled by EigenDA, and other benefits such as hyperscalability, cost flexibility, ease of integration, and native token staking.

Having rollups run on EigenDA mainnet also engages restakers delegating ETH as well as operators running AVSs. Today, EigenDA has 115 operators and over 42,000 stakers delegating over 400,000 ETH to secure the network. Not only does this introduce the first alt-DA solution running in production secured by restaked ETH, it also holistically engages many pieces of the EigenLayer cryptoeconomic ecosystem to form a critical piece of infrastructure for the next era of services and applications.

We are delighted to announce this next step forward and have much more to come! Customers interested in testing or launching on mainnet, please fill out our EigenDA Contact Form.

Please find official EigenLayer and EigenDA resources below: