Introducing Restaked Rollups

Restaked rollups: A New AVS Category
Proposed by Altlayer and supported on EigenLayer

Ethereum proposed the rollup-centric roadmap in order to perform offchain execution and make credible proofs of correctness, via validity or fault proofs. Rollups need several auxiliary services to attain their full functionality.

  1. Decentralized sequencers to obtain low-latency censorship resistance. Decentralized sequencers come in different flavors - some perform fully shared sequencing, and some are rollup-specific. They also follow different MEV management: MEV auctions, threshold encryption, and first-come, first-served are some examples of MEV policies for sequencers.
  2. Fast finalization requires economic safety guarantees
  3. Watcher networks incentivize nodes to watch optimistic rollups and raise fault-proof challenges.
  4. External DA services such as EigenDA can help achieve different points in the security-cost tradeoff. 
  5. Fast composability and bridging services can empower fast bridging across different rollups based on economic stake. Some fast bridging services require a new hub that needs economic stake for safety, whereas others are direct peer-to-peer but also need economic safety.

EigenLayer, as a general-purpose system for programmable trust, can be utilized to build several of these functionalities. EigenLayer provides the following features: 

  1. Pooled economic security: i.e., if $10B is restaked across 1000 services, then to attack any one service, the attacker needs a majority of $10B of stake 
  2. Attributable economic security: if malicious validators compromise any one service, that service can redistribute funds proportional to the amount of attributable economic security it borrowed. The protocol ensures that even if malicious validators attack multiple services simultaneously, it can honor the amount of redistribution to all the services, i.e., it ensures protocol solvency. 
  3. Decentralized operator sets: that can be utilized by services to obtain some amount of credible neutrality and decentralization

Restaked rollups are a new category of EigenLayer AVS services that combine several of the services into a single bundle so that rollup users can benefit from a single-point integration while benefiting from several new features. 

We are really excited to announce a partnership with AltLayer on this new category of AVSs, bringing together these features into a “restaked rollup” framework. This novel framework combines the ETH staking mechanism with AltLayer’s end-to-end infrastructure bundle, combining decentralized sequencing, verification, and fast finality based on the EigenLayer shared security substrate.

We believe this will provide rollup developers with powerful features, a one-click integration, and a streamlined developer experience and greatly accelerate the adoption of Ethereum's rollup-centric roadmap.

Read a longer version of this post with Altlayer here.