Holesky Launch: AVSs Can Now Test Restaker and Operator Rewards


We're proud to announce the launch of the MVP experience for Rewards on the Holesky testnet. This MVP allows AVSs to begin integrating with the rewards system, and test setting up incentives for restakers and node operators. It also allows restakers to test claiming functionality for (worthless) testnet tokens.

Over the next few weeks, the full rewards experience will roll out on testnet. Besides allowing restakers to claim protocol rewards, it will let restakers see and discover estimated potential payments from AVSs. Subsequently, the full rewards experience will launch on mainnet.

Note that on testnet, most reward tokens will not have a price, and the testnet experience will reflect that.

Significance of the Rewards MVP

The Rewards MVP is an opportunity for the EigenLayer community to participate in the following ways:

  • For AVSs: Test the functionality of the rewards system, experimenting with incentives for node operators and restakers on the Holesky test network.
  • For Node Operators: Explore how to earn rewards for participating in AVSs and providing essential services to the EigenLayer ecosystem.
  • For Restakers (Delegators): Experience how to delegate stake to operators and claim your share of the rewards generated from AVSs.

This collaborative testing environment will refine the rewards system, and ensure a successful mainnet launch, ultimately driving shared success within the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Key Benefits and Features

For the full details, please see the Rewards documentation.

  • AVS Token Distribution Channel: Streamlined distribution of any ERC-20 token directly to operators and stakers for each AVS. AVSs set their own band rewards (between 7- 90 days) paid in 7 day increments.
  • Flexible rewards API: AVSs can easily schedule recurring token rewards with a single on-chain transaction.
  • New In-App Claiming Experience & API: Simplified mechanisms for operators and restakers to claim their earned rewards using the API or the application.
  • Efficiency: Secure and scalable rewards infrastructure with weekly settlements and batch posting to L1. 
    • Restakers can claim rewards weekly or let them accrue. 
    • Operators and Restakers can set their claim address to an address of their choosing. This Enables compliance, safe hot wallet practices, and protocol integrations.

Future Roadmap: 

We're committed to rapid iteration and improvement. Here's a glimpse of what else is on the roadmap:

  • Additional Rewards Testnet Features: Rewards discovery experience for restakers.
  • Mainnet Launch: Following successful testing and validation on the Holesky testnet, Rewards will launch on EigenLayer mainnet.
  • EigenPod Redesign: EigenPods are getting a major redesign in Q3, bringing checkpoint proofs to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of ETH holdings.
    • The Q3 upgrade will introduce batched withdrawal claiming, making the process up to 100x cheaper! It will also be possible to restake both consensus and execution rewards, and enjoy more flexible proving windows.
  • Objective & Intersubjective Slashing: Enhanced security mechanisms to ensure operator reliability.
  • Unique Security: AVSs can purchase "unique security" to protect themselves and their stakeholders. In the event of a failure, this feature gives AVSs the exclusive right to slash a portion of restaked capital. This supplementary layer of protection, alongside pooled security, allows AVSs the ability to enjoy the benefits of pooled security while limiting collateral damage to node operators, restakers, and other AVSs in the event one fails.

These are just a few examples of the functionality you’ll see on EigenLayer in the coming months, with much more yet to be announced.

Get Involved!

  • AVSs: Explore the rewards API to incentivize your operator and restaker network.
  • Operators: Register your nodes for AVSs and start claiming rewards on Holesky.
  • Restakers: Delegate to operators running AVSs to test out claiming restaker rewards.
  • Developers: Experiment with our APIs and provide valuable feedback.

Learn more in the Rewards documentation, or try claiming via the testnet app now.