Security Bounty Competition on EigenLayer by Cantina

Cantina is a marketplace for web3 security that gives protocols the flexibility to easily book a security review with their desired team, price, and timeline. They have recently launched a competition focused on EigenLayer. This competition presents an exciting opportunity for security researchers and professionals to contribute to the safety and integrity of the EigenLayer protocol while earning rewards for their efforts.

What is EigenLayer?

EigenLayer is the first generalizable network providing programmable trust from Ethereum. Technically, it is a set of smart contracts on Ethereum as well as a set of off-chain node software that allows solo stakers, staking service providers and LST stakers to opt into running new offchain distributed systems. 

Prize Distribution and Scoring

The competition will follow a detailed scoring system outlined in the competition scoring page. Only findings of Medium or higher severity will be accepted for consideration. 

Scope of the Review

The review will focus on the upcoming M2 mainnet upgrade for EigenLayer and EigenDA. This upgrade, scheduled for end Q1/early Q2, includes a contract upgrade of the current core contracts from the M1 version to their M2 versions. Additionally, the deployment of EigenDA contracts (and off-chain infrastructure) will integrate with the M2 core contracts. Reviewers are tasked with examining the smart contracts for the M2 mainnet upgrade and analyzing the upgrade path from the current mainnet deployment to the target contracts.

Competition Details

  • Status: Now Live
  • Total Reward: $100,000 USDC
  • Start Date: 26 Feb 2024 10:00pm (local time)
  • End Date: 18 Mar 2024 4:00pm (local time)
  • Log-in Required: Researchers must be logged in and registered on Cantina to participate.

How to Participate

To participate in the competition, log in as a researcher and join the EigenLayer security bounty competition. For any issues or concerns, please reach out to the #talk-smart-contracts channel on Discord.


Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the security of EigenLayer and earn rewards for your efforts. Join the Cantina security bounty competition today and help make the blockchain ecosystem a safer place for all users.

For more information, visit the Cantina website and explore the competition details.