Announcement: Update on Upcoming LST Additions and Restaking Unpause

In preparation for the mainnet launch for Operators and EigenDA, there's an important update regarding the next cap raise. 

Several staking parameters are set to be adjusted:

  • First, the introduction of three new LSTs to the EigenLayer restaking ecosystem: sfrxETH, mETH, and LsETH.
  • Second, removal of the 200k ETH individual caps on LSTs. This modification is designed to invite organic demand for restaking across various LST options.
  • Third, for future consideration, it is recommended to cap the participation and influence of any LRT or LST, or single participant, at a maximum of 33% within the protocol's governance and incentive structures. This proposed measure seeks to prevent dominance by any single entity, thus ensuring equity and diversity within the ecosystem. The aim is to encourage broad engagement and maintain the protocol's commitment to neutrality and decentralization.

Note that future payments from AVSs to LSTs will not be affected by these changes. 

To incorporate these modifications, the schedule for LST additions and the unpause phase has been shifted, now delayed by one week.

Revised Schedule

  • Restaking Window: Unpaused from February 5, 12 PM PT to February 9, 12 PM PT, with new LSTs sfrxETH, mETH, and LsETH, and no caps for any LST as described above. After this time, all deposits will again be paused.
  • These changes align with our ongoing commitment to security, decentralization, and a robust staking environment.

Get ready to engage in these exciting opportunities in ETH restaking starting February 5th. This transition signifies a major shift, as it marks the first instance of eliminating the TVL caps for each token for a fixed period of time. This change ushers in a period filled with extensive restaking possibilities, available from February 5th to 9th.

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